Live Life

“May you live everyday of your life”

-John Swift-


The moment when I was born, of course I don’t remember how it feels like considering it has been 25 years since it happened. But I know, I live for a reason. Now that I am able to reflect back, looking back to my 25 years of living, I’d say, it has been a nice ride and I am grateful for everything.


I am still in a journey of finding my purpose in life, my true calling. Everyone sure have one, it’s just a matter of pursuing it or no. And the options , to decide whether is a good calling or not , is the hardest.

They say, live the life you want to is a bliss. Ignore it and live the life of pleasing other’s, make other people happy instead of you making yourself happy. We don’t want that, don’t we?


Not being grateful but I just don’t want to take my life for granted. I always look for the things that could give me sense of real happiness if you know what I mean.


I am not sure about others but my life journey so far has been an organized, static and well planned.

My parents raised me well, provide me shelter and support my education and mould me the way I am now.

But as me being myself, I don’t wanna lie to myself anymore.

I don’t want to live on people’s opinion.

I want to live the way I choose my life to be, with proper planning of course.

Not the way other people want me to be, eventhough it’s a good idea.


Making a decision is a tough thing to do, even I myself don’t know whether I had made the decision right in my life.

But I believe, everything you decide to do, means something to your life.

You are you now for the decision you made 5 years ago.


And what I can do now, is just to experience what the universe has to offer to me.

Just try everything until I find what fits me best.

It could a temporary interest, but at least I tried finding and looking.

As cliche as it sounds, I don’t want to regret for things that I want but didn’t try to work it out cuz I always believe, everything happen for a reason. 

“The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why”- Mark Twain

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