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Sharing with all of you my favorite travel bloggers. 
I hope they inspire you to explore more just like how they inspire me to start.
If it is your dream, you just need to tickle the wanderlust in you by reading their stories cuz everyone starts somewhere. 
Photo credit by World of Wanderlust

My all time favourite travel blogger . She’s my ultimate inspiration for me to share my travel journey in the form of blog. The reason why I love her is because of her distinct taste in combining places and fashion into one picture and the inspiring story behind every picture. She’s currently posting 2 videos in a week so you can also subscribe to her Youtube channel. I promise you she will kick start the wanderlust in you

Photo credit by The Blonde Abroad

She has a blog that looks like a vision board in the form of website that are absolutely stunning.

I like how she design the web and that’s why she is one of my inspiration on creating my blog as well. She inspires me to start thinking about solo travelling which might happen soon so  I am quite excited about it.

Photo credit by The Blog Abroad

“I booked a one-way ticket to Europe after graduating college in 2013, and over 70+ countries across 6 continents later, I’m still nowhere near having figured out my 5-year plan”-Gloria Atanmo


  That leap of faith definitely worth taken. She inspired me to take risk in pursuing dream. It sure not an easy journey for her but I guess, if that’s what you want, go for it! And when she replied me on the Insta post that I have posted last month, it just made me blown away for her to notice me and motivate me to keep going. Talking about girl empowerment!

Photo credit by Renee Roaming

“Travel is something that fuels my soul and makes me happy… everyone should do the thing that makes them feel that way”- Renee

Life is funny sometimes. Even that we live the life we planned, there’s always a room to wish for a dreamy life.
I studied my whole life and got a pretty decent job but my heart yearn for some adventures and I am super unsure whether it’s gonna work or no. And Renee is a living a proof that we can do both. And I guess that’s what I’m doing now.
Photo credit by Cat-elle

Last but not least, blog by our favourite queen, Cat-elle by Catrioana Gray, Miss Universe 2018. She is such an inspiring individual and we shares the same hobbies, travelling and reading(insert gigiling emoticon)! I read her blogs before she was crowned and tho she rarely update due to her busy schedule, I am sure she will one day as sure had a lot of tale to tell judging from her beautiful journey. Now that she’s the next queen, I guess she’ll be everywhere. 

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