How to Stop Holding on Grudge

“The most important lesson I’ve learned over this past year is, don’t let anybody make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of its own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself”
– The Good Quote
         As a human being, it is normal to hold grudge, to be mad, to be frustrated over something that didn’t go as according to what we plan or expect. It is something that I am still learning to ponder and control in my life. It is also the act of impulsive that can’t control us from being over-reacting toward thing that we are sensitive about. As much as I want to stay positive on things like this, I find it very hard to act on cuz no matter what I do, only time could heal.
        But somehow, in my opinion, there’s a thing that we can do to catalyst the process of experiencing this whole grudge issue instead of responding to grudge. It’s all started within us. The way we respond or react to it , it’s all within us.
       What if we take this experience as a learning process, to grow and to be a better person, wouldn’t that bring out the best quality in us. Wouldn’t that change the way we think afterward? As cliche as it sounds, I always believe that, “everything happened for a reason”.
      For example, take one of your experience with frustration. Take yourself into the time where you are most frustrated about. You may feel like your heart races so hard that you feel like spitting all those bad words, dedicate solely to the person who made you feel that way. And then, you started to plan all this thing in your head, on what you can do toward those person who hurt you, just so you can feel good again. But then again, try to bring yourself to a time where you are clear with yourself, would you think the same way? Would you act on what you plan?
There’s a reason why people keeps saying “never make a decision when you’re mad” cuz you, yourself are not clear with your thinking just yet. 
      Revenge at its best. If you think that’s the best, it is definitely not a good answer to grudge. It makes you feel good, but after that? You are becoming less of what you are. You feel like you are winning the race you arranged yourself and loosing yourself as the winning prize. Ask yourself again, does it worth the act? 
         How about converting all your madness into positive action. Prevent yourself from getting into things that make you feel even bad. For example, you’re heartbroken over your helpless relationship, yet you allow yourself to listen to all songs that are related to your heartbreaking story.  How about, try to listen to a song that can empower yourself, convince yourself that you can do this. In no time, you’ll get over it if applied everyday. Especially to ladies, never underestimate yourself. If you can handle 57 Del (unit) of pain (that’s like 20 bones of yours getting fracture at the same time and yes I just googled that) you definitely can handle the pain of grief. You just need to own yourself.
        Last but not least, with all that been said, is all applicable if you act on what you preach. Try until you make it. Slowly but surely. I hope through this sharing, I will be able to remind myself or maybe you who are reading this, that sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right. Let’s always try to better ourself for our own good. Just like what Gautama Buddha once said, we don’t need intelligent mind that speaks, but a heart that listens. Stay genuine.

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  1. Thank you so much sumandaksabah for such an inspiring post! Waiting for the next one❤️

  2. The best revenge is not revenge at all and let them who hurt you wonder! 🙂

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