5 Things We Can Do to Be a Better Version of Ourself in 2019

Time flies and today is the 20th days of the year of 2019.

How’s your day so far? 

“When life is on purpose and I feel clear with my direction, all my other decisions seem to get easier. When my purpose isn’t clear and not my priority, I end up bringing less of myself into the world, into my intimate relationships, and into my daily life”  -RIP Ryker Gamble 
I still remember vividly how ambitious I was during my high school time, I was super ambitious about creating the life I want to live once I finished school. Wrote 24 goals that i want to achieve before reaching 30s.  But that was 10 years ago and yes , I managed to ticked off some of my wish lists and I am proud of myself for being able to turn what i want into a reality and even making money out of it and it was all through hard work and knowing exactly what I want in life.
As I entered working life phase, that ambitious character of mine, suddenly vanished from my personality. I became negative towards life. Probably because I was so drained with the 8 to 5 job, with the same old routine. Life became plain so I allowed myself to enter an unneeded drama just to feel alive again. It was dramatic to a point where I keep telling myself to get over it quickly, as fast as I can even when I know, only time can heal.
Time flies and here I am,  still adapting to self-love and feeling alive with just having this blog to grow.

Two years have passed, I am 26 now, I have a decent job, I’ve hurt and I’ve lost, so what’s next? 
In 2019, I have alot of thing I want to achieve but most importantly, I wanna be better than my yesteryears.
I wanna be reminded again of how it feel to be the old me. I was once a dream chaser and I miss having things I want to achieve in life and working through it. I wanna be that old me again, with better version. 
And through this sharing of mine, I wanna remind myself again on how I can do it and maybe you could take a thing or two and we can go through this life together. To some of you who are still fighting for the life you want, this is for you.

1. Find your purpose

I have never really care about this term until I really learnt what it meant. Purpose / goal / dream whatever you call it, it shall be something that you want to achieve in your life. It may be something that is far from your reach, something that sounds impossible when you first spit your thought out. But if you really believe in yourself that you can do it, even the universe will conspires to help you to achieve it- Paul Coelho.
As for me, when i was younger, I have a lot of dreams and one of it is to travel. But it seems like it is something that only rich kids can do. So I put my dream on hold and promise to myself that one day, when I am capable enough to have my own money, i will travel. I think those day has come and here I am planning for the upcoming 2019 trips.
To my dearest reader who have yet come to this term, maybe you can try researching for the meaning of purpose first and start to really look out for it. I believe,once you find your true calling, you will finally feel like there’s a reason to breathe for another day.

2. appreciate small circle of great friend 

I met a lot of people throughout my life and I am so blessed to picked up great friends along the journey. I think, sharing our personal life story to our closest friend is something that are therapeutic and healing. Even when they can’t help with whatever problem we’re facing, the willingness of them to spare a moment and listen to our problem is something that I appreciate so much. Sometimes, we just need to open up a little bit about our inner side to whom we feel comfortable to let in. Let those who loves you know how you’re doing and feel how loved you are when you think you’re not. Don’t let those small negative thinking of yours to think that, nobody cares cuz someone does care for you. 

Appreciate your friend, ask them how they are feeling today, you never know how helpful you have been with a simple hi and how are you. 

3.Get a secret healing hideout

The ocean has something that can clear my thought right away, that’s why I love going to the beach,  any time of the day. Probably because of the sound of the wave, the windy breeze, the smell of the ocean that provide this whole serenity vibes that allow us to meditate even if we don’t intend to do it in the first place. Something that we accidentally do it and didn’t realize we are actually clearing, decluttering and organizing our thoughts into it simplest thinking. 
You can find your own hideout , just for yourself to really get those thoughts cleared. As much as I want to suggest your bedroom as your best healing site, it could be a bad idea. Bedroom is something that we are comfortable to stay, at our good and worst, it could be too quiet and congested for you to really do what you need to do. Sometimes it could be too suffocated to stay in the bed thinking how life has been while you, laying down in your bed regretting the life you are having. Go out, feel the sunshine, feel the outside energy. 
To be able to be a better version of yourself, you need to learn how to declutter your negative thoughts and allow only good things to stay.


To me, writing is something that allow whatever I had in mind transferred clearly into a piece of paper or whatever form i had on that particular time. It could be a problem, an idea, a reminder, a name. I had most of my thoughts jotted down, on my exercise and planner book, my notepad on the phone, on my email draft, all that I think could help me to be reminded again one day, cuz i tend to be very forgetful sometimes. You never know, what you’ve jotted down could bring you to somewhere you never imagine you’d be, opportunity! I always had these crazy ideas when I let my mind to wander recklessly (Everyone does daydreaming kan!), I would jot them down and when I had the time, I will come up with a plan on how I can do it and which resources I should look up for to make it a reality. And writing nowadays could be in any form, whether it’d be in form of journaling or blogging, whatever fits you best in expressing.
I believe, through writing, we can express clearly what we want in life and knowing exactly how to achieve them. Sometimes, it could be very healing thing to do as well, it’s like we are talking to ourself when we write, pouring our thoughts out and maybe along the process of writing, we can solve our problem without even realizing it. We just need to be clear with ourself to get all things done. 

5.you do you

When I reflect back on why I had been hurt so much for the past two years, it was probably because I care so much about what people gonna react to whatever action i took. I was being so sensitive over what people gonna say whenever I did something and so I became careful over my action. I was afraid of being judged by those who never really been an important individual in my life, even for once. 
And I hope you, who are reading this, won’t let those toxic people to disturb your inner peace. 
Those who don’t know you don’t have the power to disturb you, they only see you now.They never see what you have been through to get from where you were to where you are now. 
Also, stay mindful and be aware of negative self-talk, it’s a self destruct tool and thief of happiness. Stay busy by learning new skill to better yourself cuz when you feel powerful of yourself, everything will be attracted to you; success, love, happiness, you named it.


Last but not least, whatever it is in life, do whatever that makes you happy.


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