Where to go on Sunday in KK and nearby city?

Have you had any experience that you just wanna go out on Sunday but had no idea where to go?

Hope my Sunday itinerary will give you a rough idea on how you can plan yourself a chill and relaxing Sunday especially to KKians out there cuz I had a lot of friends asking me and even me asking them back this so called typical question like “mana mau pigi aa”. This is like the second top frequently asked question cuz apparantly, “mana mau makan” question still rank as the top FAQ here. 

Shopping mall? nah you had it enough. 
I rather sleep at home? Don’t worry guys., it’s a chill itinerary.
The weather is too hot,  I’m sweating already? Guys, wake up early and go out in the morning.

Sabahans roadtrip starter pack: 

1. A very flexible and motivated friend who is up to whatever adventure supaya kalau mau pigi mana-mana, dia okay ja.

2. Transportation supaya ko buli pigi sini sana.

3. Smartphone to google maps supaya ko tidak sesat walaupun ko orang KK. 

4. Little money bikin beli keropok-keropok sama minuman.

5. Open mind to explore new and same thing sebab sometimes, even kita sudah pigi tu tempat banyak kali, sentiasa ada sesuatu yang kita boleh experience and belajar dari sana.


But the whole idea is to have a fantastic beach time and just really to have a great day.

5.30 am : Rise and shine, put a little make up and feel the morning energy.
6.00 am : Fetched my bestfriend Dav to join my ideal Sunday fun day
6.30 am: Walked around the Gaya Street Market and bought some food 


8.30 am: Along with Dav, we drove to Pantai Dalit (jalan kampung) to have a little picnic and just stayed through the morning talking about life. Rough drive through there but we feel like we own the place. We found a hidden gem of beautiful beach, no entrance fee and there were just us and the kids catching some fishes. Thank God I bought a speaker. Music made everything feel nicer, it was a beautiful day really.



11.00 am: Beach hopping to the nearby resort (Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort) to freshen up. And at the beach, we decided to just sleep through and sun-tanning. The weather was too hot but we stayed cuz it was so peaceful yet windy.



1.00pm: We can’t handle the hot weather anymore and decided to beach hopping again to the nearby beach, Sabandar Beach Tuaran as well as to get some lunch. Nothing beat a cheap lunch and a beautiful windy beach scenary, that is 5 star for me.


2.30 pm: We have no idea where to go next and we started to google the nearby attraction via google maps. And we found out there’s a new attraction nearby, so Jon Grapevines Tamparuli here we go. 

3.00 pm: So we came and it was not the grape season yet but still we entered just to look around. It was more like a learning process for us.  There were an entrance fee though, RM5/pax. Price would go double on the grape season which will be in this coming March/April. So readers, be sure to visit them.

3.45pm: After the short tour, we drove back to the KK city.

4.30 pm: Arrived Tanjung Aru beach, ate some ice cream and just sit around waiting for the day to end.



6.00 pm: Managed to see the sunset and it was still beautiful even after watching it many times. We have one of the best sunset view and I am so grateful that it is just a drive away from my home to get to this view.


6.30pm: Drove around KK city after many fail attempt to visit the restaurants that we want due to alot of reason.
7.00 pm: So we end up at the local burger restaurant, Damn Good Burger to get our local burger crave fixed. 
8.00pm: A walk to DBKK hall at Jalan Bandaran just to get some info on the Borneo Night. Apparantly, it was a new local gig, something like a theather specifically to offer you a night to remember in Sabah. And for a starter, they are offering a free entry to all Sabahans to experience it from 14 January 2019 to 20 January 2019 at 5PM. The price would be RM180 for local and RM200 for tourist starting next week so don’t miss it guys!
8.30pm: End the day with a heart feeling content.
So there you go guys, hope this help and thank you for reading!

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