Reality Bites

When I was still a student during my uni time, I had this mindset. Life’s gonna be better once I’ve graduated.


But the universe has it’s own way of proving me that I was wrong, big time.


It took me almost 2 years to get back this sense of control ; my mental, my emotion, my relationship and my work, at least 80%.


Moving from being a student to adapting working life was a big change for me.

A lot of thing happened, things changed, I think differently now.


Was I happy during my first year of post-grads life?

 Only God knows how much tear of pain I’ve shed throughout the year; the loneliness that I’ve felt, the failures of things that I’ve planned, the criticism and feeling of disapproval. I keep it quiet, only few know my struggles. But don’t worry, nothing serious really.


Post-grads life can be confusing sometime.

To me, it is the time where you are still looking for the purpose of your life while doing things you might not like just to kill time and wait for the moment of your life. It took me a while to finally had this kind of motivation again, to have goals and believe that I had purpose in life.

    I remember one time,  I was going through a very critical time, then this one insta story hit me big time. I saw my friend shared some of the few pages of the book on her insta story. 

It was “Girl Code” by Cara Alwil Leyba and had since then changed the way I think about life.

          So, after I finished reading the book and I begin to look for more and more self-development book, as I found it very comforting at times, and motivate me to be a better person and keep reminding myself that, life is a journey of finding who you really are.

          That’s why sometimes you may experience things that makes you unhappy in life, only for you to realize that, you dislike the thing. 

So the next time it happen, you would know how to deal with it better.

 Everybody strive for happiness, chasing thing that they think would provide sense of joy in their life.

I do to. But I’m starting to appreciate simple little thing in life. Reading books during weekend after a long weekday because it  was so relaxing, meeting my bestfriend and laugh about silly things, saying hi to my dogs when I reach home after work or driving while listening to good music especially during good weather, it’s a bliss really!

So yeah, I think when people say don’t take things seriously in life, is a good advice.

Yes, have goals, work hard for your living, do things you dream of. 

But along the way, feel the ride, pain or joy.

That’s how life should be.

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