Best Advice I Receive Last Year

I always wrote stuff on my note book and on my phone notepad and last night when i was organizing my diaries and phone folder, I saw notes from last year. It was a collection of written thoughts i got from my friends, people around me and books i read. So slowly I tried to really incorporate these advices into my life just to see how it works and it had shaped me to who I have become today, at least in term of my perspective on how I’m gonna rule my life. Basically it’s a very good advice that I apply these days and so I thought of sharing it today.

1. Do whatever that makes you happy and content.

2. Have goals to find your purpose in life.

3. Read this book, it is so good.

4. You should learn to love yourself first.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

6. Be impulsive on things that is right.

7. Go travel and you’ll appreciate more on what u have than what you don’t have.

8. Don’t take things seriously.

9. Not all pretty girls are bitches.

10.Doubt means don’t. Don’t answer. Don’t rush.  

11. Spend your money on experience.

12. If everyday feel the same, look up for inspiration. There will be thing you suddenly want to do today.

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