101 How to Save Money and Spend on Thing that Matter

I’m not the best person to give tips on how you can save money but if I can share a thing or two on how to save and spend your money on thing that matter to you, it will be this. 
As of now, I managed to secure a return flights ticket to 4 different places this year. Hopefully, I will be able to secure a good few day off from my current workplace as well and the next thing I can do afterward is to just pray really hard for all thing to run smoothly and of course, to keep saving money for other expenses. 
One of my bucket list this year is to travel to 3 different countries and also to visit to a few ecotourism site in Borneo. So to document my journey, I created this blog the same month I booked my first return ticket to one of the country that I will be visiting this year and that was last November.
I know it’s still too early to tell that I am having a good year, but I just want this blog to be real, present, current and an ongoing journey. There are so many thing I want to achieve this year and I want to share my journey with you, hopefully it will be able inspire some of you, that you can have your best year too if you really put your mind to it.
For the time being, I don’t want to worry about the result or whether this thing will make me happy or no at the end of this year. Success or failure is another thing. The willingness for me to try, is already a step forward and for being able to get these two feet, back to where I was once, a dream chaser is something that I am already happy about. 
So, without further due, here’s what I did and what you can do:
 1. Save your  monthly salary
This is the most important part of all tips especially for someone who work an 8 to 5 job, make use of your monthly salary for the thing you really want, like reaaaalyyy reaaaaallyyy want. Yes you have other commitment, but i always believe that, we must have other extra money for the thing that we think matter to us. So, ask yourself really, what matter the most to you?
Even if you don’t know what you’re gonna do with the money just yet, just save it guys. Last May, I started to save few hundreds per month into my saving account even though I don’t have a clear purpose on what I was gonna do with the money just yet. I know I shouldn’t be touching the saving account now, but sometimes, you just have to be a little reckless in thing you want to achieve in life, especially when that thing could give you value in return. Stop worrying about how the money could be used for better thing in future time, you will work it out when the time comes. But also, don’t be fool enough to spend all the saving, plan smartly at the same time (I know, note to self).
2. Pay less visit to drugstore
I know this is our best guilty pleasure ladies, doesn’t matter if it’s online shopping or visiting to the branch itself, maybe you need to slow that thought down. I used to buy unneeded stuff thinking that it will be necessary soon and it happened every time when I visit drugstores. I know I didn’t want it , but I just bought it for the sake of buying. We girl, had this thing in us, we just want to buy thing for the sake of satisfaction. We initially want to just take a peek at the new skincare range they have in store, but end up buying some of the product and thought that “RM20 won’t hurt” like, what the heck?
It hurt ladies! RM20 could save you when you’re broke as fuck. Sorry I don’t mean to sound harsh but I just need to emphasize myself and you who are reading this yang terasa. When your wants is trying to exceeds your needs, try to be mindful, ask yourself, is what you want now is really what you need this year?
Spell this mantra to yourself when that happened: 
I need to shift back my goal to the right parallel and knock your head for the spell to be absorbed directly into your brain. 
(Nah, I’m just kidding on the knock knock part).

3. Reduce junk food addiction 

I am a bubble tea lover, I could drink it every single day, everyday. I love sweet thing as, I don’t know, I guess i’m just a sweet tooth kind of person. So when I moved to my new workplace, my mindset changed, my food intake routine changed. I started to pack my lunch box to work. With this routine, I could really survive with RM20 or maybe less, in a week.  Man, I saved a lot with this habit. As a food lover, I’m proud to say that I managed to cut down approximately RM250 of my food allowance monthly and it goes to thing that matter to me at the moment, flights ticket. Yes RM250, my food habit intake is bizzarre, you need to see how I spend before this.

4. Spend on thing that give you value in return

I read this somewhere on how you can really spend on thing that matter to you. It is by spending it on a thing that could generate value to you in return. For example, if you buy food, would it give you any value else than fuller tummy, good nutrients and happiness? No, you eat and you poop, that’s it, so stop wasting your money on food that are way too expensive and out of your budget. This is something I live by now, I don’t purposely or randomly spend my money on food that I think overpriced now. I do sometimes and that’s when I have extra in pocket and when I crave for good food. But I am starting to be careful now because I know, there are other thing that matter more to me now other than satisfying my love for food.
Another example, if you want to start a new hobby, say online business which, mind you, there are a lot of potential local business in Kota Kinabalu that are starting up now and they’re killing it  and it is always a good investment to purchase on thing that could generate greater value in return. For example, setting up a website which will cost you few ringgit but definitely will give you greater return. You just have to believe in yourself that you can do it and confident about the result. Okay this is starting to sounds more like business article, i’m gonna shift it back to a more laid back mode. 

5. When there’s a will, there’s a way

I am contemplating on how the last one can assure you on how to save money and do what you want in life. But I guess, it’s always this saying that goes ” when there’s a will, there’s a way” that will make this work. The one who are good in saving money usually have these strong-willed trait and a careful thinker. And at the same time, someone who is wise, who know how to spend, which to spend and be happy about it. Be that kind of person. Period.

So I guess, that’s all about it now. Sometimes, it does feel like things didn’t go the way I wanted it to be, but I know, I just have to keep moving forward, just walk forward. Even something is pulling me back, I need to just keep going until I reach the destination and feel that my dream is finally becoming a reality.

Let me know how you save up for something that matter to you in comment section below, would love to hear your thought ! 🙂

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